TV and film professionals bring your class topic to life with video.

What’s video?

Video used to mean E180 VHS tapes and clunky recorders, but the term now refers to filming on any electronic device including camcorders, phones and tablets. In this Mediable workshop we use video to make short films, like news reports or documentaries.

What happens?

Following Mediable's 3-Step Process, the groups write scripts/design storyboards, film & edit their videos. After a class playback, the pupils discuss what they can do better in the future and each receive a Mediable certificate, signed by the TV or film professional.

How will my class benefit?

National curriculum targets:
Art and Design
    * Spoken language
    * Reading
    * Writing

Who will we get?

Fully-trained and Enhanced DBS-checked, Mediable’s TV presenters are seen on CBBC, ITV and SKY, while our film professionals work in various fields. They begin the video workshop with an inspiring presentation about their job.

What prep should I do?

We’ll send you a pack containing everything you’ll need, but the main thing is to split your class into groups of 4 and ask them to choose and research an aspect of the class topic they want their video to focus on.

What school equipment?

    8 x computers/tablets loaded with Word and Windows Movie Maker/iMovie (on Mac computers)
    8 x camcorders/tablets (& USB cables)
    1 x computer linked to whiteboard projector