A computer developer brings your class topic to life with coding.

What's coding?

Coding is a hot topic right now, especially since it was added to the National Curriculum. Every time you switch on a PC, a mobile, even a fridge, code is being run. Code is the list of instructions needed to make these work.

What happens?

Following Mediable's 3-Step Process, the groups design, code and develop an app. After the class try each other's, the pupils discuss ideas for future apps and each receive a Mediable certificate, signed by the developer.

How will my class benefit?

National curriculum targets:
Computer science
Information technology
Digital literacy

Who will we get?

Fully-trained and Enhanced DBS-checked, Mediable’s developers have coded apps and websites for companies across the world. They begin the coding workshop with an inspiring presentation about their job.

What prep should I do?

We’ll send you a pack containing everything you’ll need, but the main thing is to split your class into pairs, ask them to list their favourite apps and choose an aspect of the class topic they would like their own app to focus on.

What school equipment?

15 x computers/tablets loaded with Scratch, or simple microcontroller boards such as Arduino or the free Raspberry Pi given to year 7s by the BBC
1 x computer linked to whiteboard projector