An animator brings your class topic to life with animation.

What’s animation?

There are a few different types of animation, but we prefer stop-motion: simply moving an object in tiny steps and taking a picture each time. When these pictures are stuck together it appears as thought the object's moving by itself.

What happens?

Following Mediable's 3-Step Process, the groups design storyboards, film and edit their animations. After a class playback, the pupils discuss what they can do better in the future and each receive a Mediable certificate, signed by the animator.

How will my class benefit?

National curriculum targets for primary:
Art and Design
Design and Technology

Who will we get?

Fully-trained and Enhanced DBS-checked, Mediable’s animators work on programmes like Bob the Builder, Roary the Racing Car and Postman Pat. They begin the animation workshop with an inspiring presentation about their job.

What prep should I do?

We’ll send you a pack containing everything you’ll need, but the main thing is to split your class into groups of 4 and ask them to choose and research an aspect of the class topic they want their animation to focus on.

What school equipment?

    8 x computers/tablets loaded with animation software and Windows Movie Maker/iMovie (on Mac computers)
    8 x USB cameras (with stands)
    1 x computer linked to whiteboard projector
    LEGO® or Plasticine (or free character templates from the Mediable website)